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Door Karma Farms is your Door County Wisconsin Source for High Quality Locally Raised Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Vegetables and Microgreens.

Hi there! We are a local family-farm in the Door County, Wisconsin area passionate about growing produce and raising meat and produce at a higher standard. We choose to follow USDA organic guidelines on our farm which means all of our products are antibiotic, pesticide and hormone-free.

Stop by our farm – located right off Highway 57 North of Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin and the Mudlake Wildlife area and South of Sister Bay!

Pick Your Own

Do you want to pick your own produce? Our farm has pick your own options throughout the seasons! Bring your friends and family for a quick trip to pick high quality, organically raised fruits and veggies!

100% Pesticide Free

When you visit Door Karma Farms, you can enjoy picking produce, finding nitrate free meats raised on gmo-free and high omega-3 feed, watching the lamb mower cut the grass naturally, and inspecting our traditional farming methods and how we treat and raise our animals humanely by organic standards. Our vegetables are grown pesticide-free and are all colors of the rainbow! Vegetable selection varies based on season, click here to see what we are currently growing.

Organically Raised Meat


Our Commitment to the Environment!


Pesticide Free


Door Karma Farms Door County Organic Farms Wisconsin



Our vegetables are grown pesticide-free and are all colors of the rainbow! 

Door Karma Farms Door County Organic Farms Wisconsin


Meats & Produce

All animals at Door Karma Farms raised by national organic standards:



Micro greens have higher nutrition levels than their mature plant counter parts: in some cases, levels that are five times greater than full grown versions!

By far the best meat in the county



Just smoked the best brisket EVER! Thank you!



Super friendly, great customer service...

 and the food was amazing! Smoked pork chops were out of this world, beef was delicious and the eggs were as fresh as they come. Will definitely return on our next vacation through Door County!


We loved our visit today! We came to pick strawberries ...

and were greeted with a friendly face and told to pack our quarts more than full, eat a ton in the field, and check the farm out. We had a great time, and can’t wait to come back! Thanks for the sweet treat!


Amazing! Farmer Chris and the whole gang are so wonderful.. .

It’s clear they love what they do and are passionate, telling us about the animals and my kids just adored feeding the sheep!


We love this place! Just picked strawberries in the field, bought eggs and ground beef.


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