Adapt a Wildlife Area

We understand the concern with farming in Northern Door County.  How can we provide a safe local food source so residents can know their food source in an environmentally sensitive area?  Come to the farm and learn all we do to lighten our footprint on the environment.  From solar well pumps to buffer strips and fallow zones, clear cut forestry for new regrowth in our forested farm, to compost, to adapting wildlife restoration zones, we do it all!

Natural Fertilizer


This is an organic red clover plant prior to  a plow down at Door Karma Farms Fields.  The round nodules on the roots are nitrogen fixation nodules.  We bring nutrients into the soil to feed other plants naturally without harmful granulated or liquid synthetic fertilizers.  We  farm properties of several neighbors in Door County, all land previously managed conventionally.  All of Our Land currently or soon will Qualify for Organic Certification, No spray or GMO Seeds planted for 3 Calendar Years.

Hatch Distillery Bees

Bees are an essential component of cross pollination of plants and trees.  Bees at Door Karma Farms fuel our strawberries and fruit trees through cross pollination.  The byproduct “honey” then will be harvested for  Hatch Distillery Liquors. Stop at Hatch Distillery in Egg Harbor and learn more!!!